How to Tie Hey Dude Shoes: A Comprehensive Guide to the Perfect Fit

Hey Dude Shoes are a popular casual shoe brand offering a wide range of styles and features. One of the most common questions about Hey Dude Shoes is how to tie them properly for the best fit. With their unique elastic laces and memory foam insoles, tying Hey Dude Shoes correctly ensures maximum comfort and support.

In this article, we’ll explore the different ways to tie Hey Dude Shoes and offer tips and suggestions on achieving the perfect fit. So, whether you’re a long-time wearer of Hey Dude Shoes or a newcomer to the brand, read on to learn more about how to tie them properly.

The Standard Way to Tie Hey Dude Shoes

The most common way to tie Hey Dude Shoes is by pulling the laces tight and tying a knot. This method works well for most styles of Hey Dude Shoes, and it’s easy to adjust the tightness of the laces to achieve the desired fit.

Tighten your Hey Dude shoesTighten your Hey Dude shoes

To tie Hey Dude Shoes, use this method:

  1. Pull the laces tight until the shoes fit comfortably on your feet.
  2. Adjust the laces evenly on both sides to ensure a symmetrical fit.
  3. Once you’ve achieved the desired fit, tie a knot using the standard shoelace knot. This will secure the laces and prevent them from coming undone while you’re wearing your Hey Dude Shoes.

Tying Hey Dude Shoes Using the Side of the Shoe

For a more snug fit, you can also try tying Hey Dude Shoes using the side of the shoe. This method works well for shoes with wider openings or for wearers with narrower feet. To tie Hey Dude Shoes utilizing this method, pull the laces tight and then wrap them around the side of the shoe. This will create a more secure fit and prevent your shoes from slipping or sliding around while walking.

Tying Slip-On Hey Dude Shoes

Hey Dude Shoes also offer a slip-on style, which is great for those who want to avoid dealing with laces at all. However, even slip-on Hey Dude Shoes can benefit from some tightening to achieve the perfect fit. To tighten slip-on Hey Dude Shoes, use your fingers to adjust the elastic laces and ensure they’re snug around your feet.

Overall, there are different ways to tie Hey Dude Shoes to ensure the perfect fit. Stay tuned for the next section, where we’ll cover more tips and tricks to get the most out of your Hey Dude Shoes.

Now that you know the basics of how to tie your Hey Dude shoes, let’s explore some different ways to tie them to achieve different looks and levels of comfort.

  • The Standard Tie
  • The standard tie is the most common way to tie Hey Dude shoes. To achieve this, thread the laces through the eyelets and tie them in a bow on the top of the shoe. Make sure the laces are evenly tightened for a snug fit.
  • The Hidden Knot
  • If you don’t want the bow of your laces to show, try the hidden knot. After tying a standard knot, tuck the remaining laces into the shoe before tying another knot on top of the first one. This way, the bow will be hidden inside the shoe.
  • The LoopBack Tie
  • Try the loop-back tie for a more secure fit and added support. After tying a standard knot, loop the laces back and thread them through the top eyelets on the same shoe side. Cross the laces and thread them through the opposite eyelets, then tie them in a bow on top of the shoe.
  • The Double Knot
  • If your laces tend to come undone easily, try the double knot. After tying a standard knot, tie another knot on top of the first one. This will keep the laces securely tied.
  • The Lace Swap
  • If you want to add personality to your Hey Dude shoes, swap out the laces for a different color or pattern. This is a great way to customize your shoes and make them your own.
  • The No Tie Method
  • If you prefer the ease and convenience of slip-on shoes, try the no tie method. Leave the laces tied in a standard knot and slip your feet in and out of the shoes without untying them. This works especially well with elastic laces.
  • The Zip Tie Method
  • For a quick and easy solution, try the zip-tie method. Replace the laces with zip ties, securing them tightly for a snug fit. This method is especially useful for those with limited mobility or dexterity.

Tightening Your Hey Dudes

If you’re looking for a snug fit for your Hey Dude shoes, you can do a few things to tighten them up. One of the easiest methods is to tighten the laces. First, tighten the laces so the shoes fit snugly around your feet. Then, tie the laces into a knot. You may want to double-knot them to ensure that they stay put.

If the laces aren’t tight enough, you can try a different lacing technique. For example, the “heel lock” technique can help to keep your heel in place and prevent slipping. To use this technique, lace the shoes normally until you reach the second to last eyelets. Then, instead of going straight to the last eyelets, bring each lace end diagonally up and through the opposite eyelet. Finally, tie the laces as usual.

Another option is to replace the laces with elastic laces. Hey Dude offers a wide selection of elastic laces in various colors, so you can find a pair that matches your shoes perfectly. Elastic laces are great for slip-on shoes like Hey Dudes, as they allow you to easily put on and take off your shoes without having to constantly tie and untie them. Plus, they can help to provide a more comfortable fit as they adjust to the shape of your foot.

If you have Hey Dude shoes with memory foam, you may find that they stretch out over time. Try putting the shoes in the freezer for a few hours to combat this. This can help restore the memory foam and make the shoes fit again.


Tying Hey Dude shoes is a common question among many shoe wearers. Whether you have slip-on or lace-up Hey Dudes, there are a variety of ways to tie and adjust them to achieve a comfortable and secure fit. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can ensure that your Hey Dudes fit true to size and provide the support and comfort you need for any occasion.